The Media’s Negative Impact

I was first diagnosed with diabetes when I was 11. I have now been diabetic for 29 years. Over that time I have seen some amazing medical advances. During this time, I cannot count the amount of articles that I have read in the various papers over the years, that have a cure just around the corner for diabetes, and various other conditions plastered over the front page! In a lot of cases, it seems that as well as some of the journalists having the headline completely wrong, they have not done much research into what they are writing about!

Is diabetes a condition or a disease? I know that this will be one of those life long debates – “she says that….!” “well he says….!” A lot of the articles that I have read, nearly always refer to it being a disease. You catch a disease. I’m pretty sure that I did not catch diabetes! Personally, I like to refer to it as a condition and not a disease. If you go to, they refer to it as a condition, which is good enough for me.

I can remember watching a program when I was younger showing a nasal spray, which was being tested and would be due out “any time soon!” This would alleviate the need to inject. Can you imagine being a young boy who has already done quite an amount of injections and blood tests seeing this? Injections and blood test 29 years ago was a lot harder, and more uncomfortable to do. I’m certainly not saying that it’s now nice to do, but compared to years ago, it’s a lot easier and more comfortable, I’m glad to say! I was over the moon when I saw that I would no longer need to do injections! I waited and waited, and guess what? That day never came!!! I have read so many articles with similar discoveries, that I now take little, or notice of any of them. I must admit that I do still read the articles, just to see what amazing things are lying around the corner. A very good place where I often have a good read, is This site has a lot of information to read about, as well as a forum.

I do believe that one day there will be a cure for diabetes, or a way of preventing anyone developing it in the first place. I do not think that I will see that day, but I certainly hope that I do. Not so much for my sake, but for the younger generations! I suppose that diabetes is a way of live for me now. I would be much happier without it, but I’m sure that I can continue in the way that I have for however long that I need to.

I will do my best to never let diabetes drag me down. You have your good and your bad days, but that is the case in all walks of life! I like to see myself as a glass half full person. I know that it’s hard living with diabetes, but if you let it get you down, it can make things a lot harder! I have realised that there are so many things that can have a negative impact on your diabetes, apart from the media. Stress and being upset are two things that I know can send my glucose levels skyward! It’s hard to avoid both of these things, but I do my best.

I know that it’s nice to see that there’s a cure around the corner, but it’s not nice when reality kicks in and you find out that there’s no such thing! For this reason, I wish that journalists would not choose to write about these so called cures, for diabetes and other illnesses, just to sell a few papers!!! This used to have a negative impact on me, but I no longer let it. I do know that there will be millions of people who have various illnesses, or have loved ones that do, that will buy the papers to be filled with hope, but for how long? I will not mention any of the papers that print these stories on a regular basis, I just wish that they would pause for a second and think about the negative impact they have on people, and not think about that fat pay cheque that headline will bring them! I do realise that one day some of these articles will have some truth behind them, but until then…….