How can you help?

There’s a number of ways you can help the refugee crisis.

Sign a petition:

Sign the Liberal Democrats’ online petition to ask the government to do more to help refugees here.

Donate your time or clothing:

Donate your clothing:

Volunteer your time:

House a refugee in your home:

  • Get in touch with NACCOM, to see if you can house a refugee or asylum seeker

Foster an asylum seeking child:

You can apply to foster a child through your council if you live in England and Wales.

You can also contact one of these national organisations for fostering advice:

Contact Elected Representatives:

  • Ask your MP to oppose the new Immigration Bill (see a summary here)
  • Contact peers and ask them to oppose the new Immigration Bill, or consider amendments to the existing proposal. Use the email template here.
  • Contact the Prime Minister and ask him to bring more refugees to the UK. Use the email template here.